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Even in the darkest hearts, there is always the possibility of light.

In societies where wealth, opportunities, and privileges are held by the few, the haves and have-nots vie for control…and when vampires, witches, shifters, and demons move among humans, those struggles can prove catastrophic.
But sometimes all it takes is a single voice to spark a transformation that can change worlds. Featuring 30+ stories of equality and justice from New York TimesUSA Today, and bestselling authors.

A USA Today List Aiming anthology.


Follow Friday

In an effort to get more eyes on my social media, I’ve decided to participate in a #followfriday!

But I’m putting a twist on mine.

Any authors, editors, book lovers who see this are welcome to join in.

I am predominantly a Paranormal Romance author. So, if you happen to be a Speculative Fiction, Romance or Paranormal Fiction writer, author, reader, editor or cover designer. Let’s connect and help each other grow!

And please follow my blog, leave a comment and I’ll follow yours right back. ❤️

Pendragon is LIVE!


Pendragon is now available!

It’s the third and final instalment of the Camelot series.

If you haven’t read the first two you can pick up the first two in this duology.

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From the day he was born, Mordred Pendragon believed himself cursed.
That nothing good could come from the union of Morgan Le Fay and Arthur Pendragon.
But what if it did?
And what if Mordred’s path is not the one defined by history?

Get your copy now!

Available Here!

Pendragon is DONE!

pendragon is done

The beast is done! Alright, so once I got into it the story itself was a lot of fun to write and hardly a beast, but its definitely been one hell of a journey to get to this point.

It’s been over a year since I’ve even talked about this story in any depth in my blog.

Though, I did share a bit of a sneak peek with you guys the other Wednesday.

So, what’s next for this little 5k Arthurian tale? Well its currently in the queue awaiting deliberation as to whether it gets accepted or rejected into an anthology. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I did it justice.

If not, well I’ll tweak it a little and drag it up to 6k and it be edited again before I self publish it and it becomes the third and final installment of my teensy Camelot Saga.

And if you haven’t read Morrighan and Le Fay? Now’s your chance to catch up.

You can pick them both up in the digital only duology, Raven Conspiracy Available Here!

That’s over 12,000 words for only $2.99!

Away With the Faeries

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ve probably noticed one thing… well two things actually.

I write Paranormal Romance… and, I love faeries.

So, I combined both of those and now write A LOT of speculative fiction with faerie centric characters or themes.

My personal viewpoint on fey origin stories is that they’re gods or demi gods. I wouldn’t call them daemons as such only because from a Pagan standpoint the gods tend to take on various aspects. Therefore there’s both light and dark/benevolent and malevolent/winter and summer fey, and I don’t think that’s as clear cut either.

And right now, I have three 10,000+ word stories available in Limited Edition anthologies… which won’t be around forever.

Grab your copies now if you haven’t already!

fables and faeOf Fables and Fae $2.99


My story, STOLEN features within.

 Never make a deal with a faerie. You might find yourself bargaining your newborn daughter’s life as payment.

My father told me the story long before I could talk. I knew it by heart. Together, he and my brother had hunted and killed every last faerie they could find. All to save me from my fate.

For five hundred years the women in my family were taken as payment for a debt owed to the faerie lord. And paid with their lives. Humans weren’t designed to live in Faerie. We were too fragile.

But I’m not like those who have come before me. I’m strong, not weak. I will survive and one day, I will be free.

midsummer night shiftsThe next is, Midsummer Night Shifts $2.99


My story, IN MY BLOOD features within.

Twenty-one-year-old, Evie is one of the last Quinn female wolf shifters.

Born to mixed lineage and not quite fey nor quite wolf, Evie has grown up thinking herself more wolf than fey, while following pack orders. But all that’s about to change.

Summoned to Arcadia by the Queen of the Summer Court, Evie finds herself nothing more than a pawn to strengthen her cousin’s hold on the throne.

But both women are keeping secrets, however, only Evie’s catch up to her during the Solstice Ball which forces her to flee with two unlikely companions, Fianna and Cole.

Now back home, Evie attempts to capture her own happily ever after… but will she?


The last is, Falling For Shifters $2.99


My story, A RUEFUL EQUINOX features within.

Fox Donovan has never quite belonged in either the Winter Court or the Summer Court.

His marriage to wolf shifter, Violet Grayson leads to further complications. Especially now that there’s war on the horizon.

What will happen when family and court politics collide?

5 Questions to Ask Before Starting Your Novel

Have you ever found yourself stumbling over where to start on a new novel? I have.

So, below I’ve come up with five questions to ask yourself before you get started writing.

They are:

1. Who is the main character or the heart of the story?

2. Who is the antagonist?

3. What threatens your main character?

4. What is the catalyst that sets the story in motion?

5. Where does the story end?

If you’ve answered all five of these you should have at least some idea as to the direction your story is headed.

I hope you found this blog post helpful in some way. If you did, drop me a like or a comment below.

Once: A Speculative Fiction Princesses Anthology is LIVE



This is Once Upon a Time… with a twist!

What happens when you combine fairy tale Princesses and Speculative Fiction?

You get a great many stories of wonder and intrigue with a dash of magic and scifi thrown in for good measure.

Because everything is better with Princesses!

Discounted until Friday, July 17th! Price goes up afterwards to $2.49!


Faerie Anthology is LIVE!

Faerie by Iron Faerie Publishing is AVAILABLE  on Amazon NOW!

From the back of the book:

Stories about faeries have captivated people the world over – children and adults alike.
Join us in tales of mischief, wonder and adventure where creatures of light and dark await.

Featuring 14 stories by 13 authors.

Vonnie Winslow Crist | Zoey Xolton | Sasha Hanton | Joshua D. Taylor | G. Allen Wilbanks | K.A Masters | Daniel Purcell | Cindar Harrell | Stacey Jaine McIntosh | Rachel Pudsey | Angela Zimmerman | Galina Trefil | A.S. Charly

Get your copy today! Available in eBook.

Paperback coming soon!

To find out more about Black Hare Press, visit: Iron Faerie Publishing

Arcane Writing Competition

In 12 days time, Iron Faerie Publishing are holding there first ever writing competition!

The competition starts on June 1st and runs til the end of August. There’s still plenty of time to join, so what are you waiting for?

Contest information can be found below!

The contest will consist of four rounds.
Minimum of 4,000 words. Maximum of 8,000 words per story.
4 stories in total.
You’ll have 3 weeks to write each story and then submit it.
Competition will begin on June 1st 2020.
Story Prompts will be delivered via our facebook page at the start of each phase.

Select a mythical creature and let us know via private message through our Facebook Group or email it to us. (be it dragon, werewolves, witch… something supernatural)
Send (a one-time fee of) $10US via paypal to once your choice as been confirmed.
June 1st-21st 2020 is PHASE 1
June 22nd-July 12th 2020 is PHASE 2
July 13th- August 2nd is PHASE 3
August 3rd-August 23rd is PHASE 4

The TOP 4 authors will be published in an anthology.

Royalties will be split between the authors and Iron Faerie Publishing. 50/50.

4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Iron Faerie Publishing have opened a new submission call! If you love drabbles and are looking for something with a more apocalyptic horror feel then this call might be for you!

THEY ARE LOOKING FOR: Drabbles about the four horseman of the apocalypse.
Conquest : War : Famine : Plague
Horror and Dark Fantasy genres accepted

WORD COUNT: 100 words (max 5 drabbles accepted per author) Send one and wait for a response.
You can send 1 story each for conquest, war, famine and plague at the same time. Separate emails please.

REPRINTS: Yes, rights must have reverted back to you





If you are submitting a reprint, please include the publisher and date of first publication.

Send your story as an attachment in .doc or .docx format to

Your subject line of your email should be Anthology Name – Story Name – Author Name

For example:

CONQUEST – My Story – Author Name

WAR – My Story – Author Name

FAMINE – My Story – Author Name

PLAGUE – My Story – Author Name

Mythica is Available Now!

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Enter a world of myth and magic, where gryphons fly, and dragons hoard unbelievable treasures the likes of which you’ve never seen. Delight in fantastical tales of unicorns, selkies, manticores, kitsunes and more.

My 500 word flash fiction story, Chasing Dragons

… what if a dragon had a hoard of something that wasn’t gold or jewels?

Get your eBook copy here! for $2.99! Paperback will be available soon!

Featuring 20 stories by 20 authors it’s set to be a fantastic read!





Iron Faerie Publishing are seeking submissions from 2500 to 7000 words for their Villains anthology!

Love Fairytales retold in unique ways?

Then this submission opportunity is for you!

Open until May 1st there’s still time to submit. And with over a dozen spots left to fill, you’d better get writing.

Genres they want are horror, fantasy and paranormal romance.

Compensation: A Contributors Copy (eBook)

Estimated Release Date: September 2020

For more information on how to submit, check their Submission Guidelines.

Week Four | 2020

It’s the final week of January and I’ve accomplished the following:

  • Written 1003 words across three of my bigger projects.
  • Finished two drabbles

Bring on February, where I hope to up my word count.

Here’s to another week!

Happy writing!

Week Three | 2020

It’s the third week in January and I’m slowly getting into the swing of things.

So, what have I accomplished in the past seven days?

Let’s list it shall we and find out!

  • Written 1029 words across three projects.
  • Finished two short stories.
  • Edited one story.

I’m hoping to push the words in February when the kids go back to school. So, for now I’m happy averaging 1000 a week.

Here’s to another week!

Happy writing!

Week Two | 2020

It’s a new year and a new challenge.

So, what have I accomplished in the past seven days?

Let’s list it shall we and find out!

  • Received an ACCEPTANCE for a previously published story into Stories of Hope anthology.
  • Written 1100 words across two projects.
  • Written and submitted a poem.
  • Edited 3 short stories.

I realized after I posted last week that I was a long way off my target of 3,500 words but as a friend reminded me tonight… it’s better than no words at all. And you know what? It really is!

Here’s to another week!

Happy writing!