WIP Wednesday

It’s time to SHARE what you’re working on!

The rules are pretty simple, if you want to play along.

Just share up to 500 words in the comments from something you’ve been working on.

This is taken from PENDRAGON which I’m struggling with right now. Hopefully it comes together by the August 9th deadline.

“Mordred!” I looked up, to find Macha running towards me. The wind blowing her raven locks into her eyes, forcing her to stop and brush her hair back behind her ears.

“Ems,” I greeted.

“Guess what?”

“Um…” I pretended to think. “I give up. What?”

“Queen Mab has said I can attend tonight’s solstice ball.”

I smiled. Knowing Mab as I did, meant I knew why Macha had been allowed to attend.

At nineteen Macha was considered of age amount fey kind. But I knew something Queen Mab didn’t about her youngest daughter.

Macha liked girls. I knew because I’d caught her with Evanthe in the stables when they thought nobody else was around.

Which would possibly put a spanner in tonight’s festivities. If I was correct in my assumptions, there was only one reason, I could think of as to why Queen Mab would allow Macha to the Solstice Ball. She’d found a suitor and was planning on marrying Macha off — tonight.

And Macha wouldn’t be happy. She’d be pissed. Her temper was well known throughout the Winter Court.


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