Pendragon is DONE!

pendragon is done

The beast is done! Alright, so once I got into it the story itself was a lot of fun to write and hardly a beast, but its definitely been one hell of a journey to get to this point.

It’s been over a year since I’ve even talked about this story in any depth in my blog.

Though, I did share a bit of a sneak peek with you guys the other Wednesday.

So, what’s next for this little 5k Arthurian tale? Well its currently in the queue awaiting deliberation as to whether it gets accepted or rejected into an anthology. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I did it justice.

If not, well I’ll tweak it a little and drag it up to 6k and it be edited again before I self publish it and it becomes the third and final installment of my teensy Camelot Saga.

And if you haven’t read Morrighan and Le Fay? Now’s your chance to catch up.

You can pick them both up in the digital only duology, Raven Conspiracy Available Here!

That’s over 12,000 words for only $2.99!


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