Here you’ll find the listings of current and future anthologies which feature my short stories. For anthologies no longer in print, please visit my Amazon Author Page.

MEDIUM ECTitle: Emerald City

Blurb: You all know the original story of Dorothy Gale… the young girl who is swept up in a tornado and transported to Oz, killing the Wicked Witch of the East with her house on the way down and running off with the ruby slippers towards the Emerald City with her little dog Toto by her side in the hopes of getting back home to her farmhouse in Kansas. Well what if it didn’t go down quite like you remember?What if Dorothy Gale never left Oz and never went home to Kansas? What if the Wizard left Oz without her and in a fit of rage, she killed Glinda which turned the remaining witches against her? Only for Dorothy to entrap the surviving witches beneath the Emerald City and ban the use of magic… forever.


final harvest

Title: Final Harvest

Blurb: Say your prayers before you go to the sleep…because the Final Harvest is here.

Bastions between Heaven and Hell, Reapers are more than meets the eye. Angel or Demon. Good or bad. Are you ready to meet your reaper?
Find your heaven or hell in the pages of Final Harvest, and anthology of grim and romantic reaper tales from over 25 paranormal romance and urban fantasy authors. Gripping, tantalizing, and soul catching stories are waiting for you in these dark pages.
Death is calling.
And it wants you.


Title: Call of Magic

Co-Writer: Z. Xolton

Our story:

Blurb: When power beckons, anyone can answer. Let the call of magic charm you!

Curses and hexes haunt the worlds of the witches, werewolves, dragons, vampires and the hunters who stalk them in the night.

Fall under the spell of these fantasy, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance stories by New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling authors.


Title: Into the Light

Co-Writer: Anastasia Avarice

Our story: Where Shadows Dwell

Blurb: Even in the darkest hearts, there is lways the possibility of light.

In societies where wealth, opportunities, and privileges are held by the few, the haves and have-nots vie for control–and when vampires, witches, shifters, demons and more move among everyday humans, those struggles can prove catastrophic.

But sometimes all it takes is a single voice to spark a transformation that can change worlds.

This collection includes more than 30 paranormal stories of equality and justice from New York Times, USA Today, and bestselling authors.

Join these heroes and heroines bringing justice, peace, and respect to their interactions, transforming the lives of those they meet, and creating opportunities as they fight for human–and sometimes non-human–rights.


Title: Winter Tales

My story: Charmed

Blurb: Fall in love with these winter tails—and teeth and fur and claws, too!

Warm up on a cold winter’s day with this hot new collection featuring shifters of all kinds!

Fall in love with stories featuring wolves, bears, dragons, and more by New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling authors.

Join the pursuit through the ice and snow as these shifters negotiate cold winter streets, frozen forests, pack politics, and fated mates—all while embracing their inner animals!

Fans of Dannika Dark, Terry Bolryder, Celia Kyle, Eva Chase, and T.S. Joyce will love this sizzling collection of winter shifter tales!


Title: QUIETUS 13

My story/s:

Publisher: Black Hare Press

Published: 26 May 2020

Blurb: When the world is forced into mandatory lockdown due to a fast-spreading pandemic, the world of fantasy creatures is turned on its head.

How will sirens survive without sailors to lure into the salty depths? What actions should the vampire world take to get through the famine? And what of the gods?

Title: The Once and Future Kingdom

My Story: Heart of Faerie

Publisher: Irish Horse Productions

Published: 14 April 2020

Blurb: Camelot. King Arthur. Merlin the magician. Knights in shining armor. It’s one of the most frequently told stories in the history of Western civilization…But you haven’t read THESE stories yet.These are tales of Camelot, Avalon, the Once and Future King, any of the Knights of the Round Table or their ladies (faithful or otherwise), as told by some of the best independent authors in the world. Let our authors lead you back in time to when honor meant something and magic was behind every corner. Come back to the Once and Future Kingdom.

forgotten ones

Title: Forgotten Ones

My Story: I am & Carrion

Publisher: Eerie River Publishing

Published: 2 April 2020

Blurb: The battle is upon us, and the old gods are waking.

Tremble as you rediscover the darkness that came before, the darkness that could eat the world. Within these pages gods of fable, creatures of lore, and ancient rituals have been brought back to life in over two hundred drabbles of exactly one hundred words each.

Delve into the madness created by award-winning horror and fiction authors from around the world. We dare you to remember the fear of the unknown, and to dive headfirst into ancient mysteries.

The old gods have awoken, and with them lose chaos will reign again.


Title: Mythica

My Story: Chasing Dragons

Publisher: Iron Faerie Publishing

Published: 18 March 2020

Blurb: Enter a world of myth and magic, where gryphons fly, and dragons hoard unbelievable treasures the likes of which you’ve never seen. Delight in fantastical tales of unicorns, selkies, manticores and kitsunes and more.

Featuring 20 stories by 20 authors.

John H. Dromey | Vonnie Winslow Crist | KA Masters | Galina Trefil | Isabella Hunter | L.T. Waterson | Makanka Verstraete | K.B. Elijah | A.S. Charly | Zoey Xolton | Joshua D. Taylor | Vickie J. Litten | Amber M. Simpson | David W. Landrum | Cindar Harrell | Andra Dill | G. Allen Wilbanks | K. Parr | Barbara Robinson | Stacey Jaine McIntosh


Title: Chrysalis

My Story: Lunar

Publisher: Fantasia Divinity

Date of Publication: 29 February 2020

Blurb: Fairy Tales are about transformations, overcoming your obstacles, and becoming someone new. This anthology features 15 stories inspired by fairy tales and focusing on the characters who must transform on their journey.


Title: Stories of Hope

My story: The Dawning of Spring

Publisher: Deadset Press

Published: 27 February 2020

Blurb: 100,000 words of hope.
This year, many Australian communities have been affected by bushfires. People—and animals—have lost their lives and their homes. The Australian Speculative Fiction community asked the question, ‘What can we do to help?’
‘Stories of Hope’ was born from the smoke and ashes, an anthology of fantasy and science fiction tales based on the theme of ‘hope.’ All money raised from the sales of this book will be donated to WWF’s Australian Wildlife and Nature Recovery Fund and the Red Cross Disaster Relief & Recovery Fund.
This is no ordinary anthology, it’s a message of hope for the future.


Title: Twenty Twenty

My Story: Moonshine

Publisher: Black Hare Press

Published: 20 February 2020.

Blurb: Celebrating 100 years since the Roaring Twenties, come with us on a look back at the jazz era. Historical stories with dark and terrible twists. Within these pages, find the speakeasy girl with two mouths, Mafia gangs with secrets more sinister than history suggests, bloodthirsty flappers, dark tales from the Depression, and many more.


Title: Ghosts of the Past

My Poem: Untitled

Publisher: Fantasia Divinity

Published: 11 February 2020

Blurb: A collection of the best stories published by Fantasia Divinity in the year 2019. Featuring 20 stories, this multi-genre anthology is sure to have something for everyone!


Title: Bad Romance

My Story: Stay

Publisher: Black Hare Press

Published: 28 January 2020.

Blurb: Love isn’t always first dates, first kisses, passion and romance…sometimes it can be hate-filled, vengeful and nothing like the movies. Thirty six twisted anti-valentine tales of torment, torture, and treachery.


Title : Earth of Oblivion

Publisher : Fantasia Divinity Magazine & Publishing

Date of Publication : TBA

My story/s : Epona’s Herd, Until Death, I Believe

Blurb: TBA


Title : Waters of Destruction

Publisher : Fantasia Divinity Magazine & Publishing

Date of Publication : TBA

My story/s : Beneath the Waves, Kiernan’s Loch & Fishtails

Blurb: TBA


Title: Organic Ink –  Volume 2

My Poetry:

Publisher: Dragon Soul Press

Published: 30 December 2019

Blurb: Poetry; a unique and beautiful way to express feelings and ideas. Weaving words into perfect poetic prose, these thirty authors remind you of your childhood, bring comfort from the hardships of life, fiercely spur emotions, and tell tales of old. All lovers of poetry will find a favorite here!


Title : Apocalypse

Publisher : Black Hare Press

Date of Publication : 9 December 2019

My story/s : Survival & Ghost of the Apocalypse

Blurb : A post-apocalyptic adventure of tiny proportions. Venture into the unknown, into a time when society has broken down and every man, woman and child (and the odd monster or alien) must fight for themselves.

hawthorn and ash cover final

Title : Hawthorn & Ash

Publisher : Iron Faerie Publishing

Date of Publication : 6 December 2019

My story : Briar Rose,

Blurb : Hawthorn & Ash is a compilation of fantasy drabbles and flash fiction from authors worldwide. Within its pages you will find enchanting stories of myth, legends and fairytales woven throughout.Dive into the magic and wonder of these 50+ tales in Volume One.Featuring: Stacey Jaine McIntosh, Chris Bannor, Umair Mirxa, Winter Avarice, Cindar Harrell, DJ Tyrer, John H. Dromey & Zoey Xolton. Including 14 other gifted authors!


Title : Forest of Fear

Publisher : Blood Song Books

Date of Publication : 31 October 2019

My story : Wild Fae, Candy Corn Wolves & Witch in the Wood

Blurb : The moon is high, and the darkness teams with nightmares. It’s All Hallows’ Eve…do you dare go out, risking life and limb, for a sweet treat? Will you answer the call of the night? Sate your seasonal hunger, and sink your teeth into this delectable collection of 101 bites of Halloween horror.

Title : Coffins & Dragons

Publisher : Dragon Soul Press

Date of Publication : 30 October 2019

My story : Of Blood & Fire

Blurb : Darkness. Despair. Death. The repertoire of vampires and dragons precede them. Terror and turmoil follow in their wake, whether they purposely wreak havoc or not.


Title : Divinity

Publisher : Iron Faerie Publishing

Date of Publication : 25 October 2019

My story : A Storm of Ravens

Blurb : Stories of Gods and Goddesses have enthralled us all for millennia. While some are benevolent, others are not – but all are divine.


Title : Summer’s Splash

Publisher : Fantasia Divinity Magazine & Publishing

Date of Publication : 15 October 2019

My story : Summer Storm

Blurb : Summer is a time of vacations and playing in the sun. The days are longer and magic can be found in the cooling breeze or the salty ocean water. Featuring 19 stories, this book is full of summertime fun that explores the magic of the season be it fairies, goddesses, or mermaids.


Title : Winds of Despair

Publisher : Fantasia Divinity Magazine & Publishing

Date of Publication : 28 April 2020

My story/s : The Wind Maid, Storm Inheritance, Persephone, Wings of a Valkyrie and Where Bluebirds Fly

Blurb : In this series featuring the four elements, each book will focus on one and give you great tiny stories depicting them. First is wind. Follow the wind through four chapters sorted by genre as our authors take you away to other worlds, different aspects or our own, or even into the swirling winds of nightmares and horror! With only 100 words, where will the wind take you?

Featuring 252 drabbles from 68 authors!

Zoey Xolton, G. Allen Wilbanks, Claire Davon, Vonnie Winlsow Crist, Connor Sassmannshausen, Eddie D. Moore, Umair Mirxa, Joel R Hunt, NM Brown, Ximena Escobar, Sammi Cox, D.M. Burdett, Stacey Jaine McIntosh, Rebecca Buchanan, Rennie St. James, J. Dorden, Tim Acheson, Madison McSweeney, Kaustubh Nadkarni, Thomas Sturgeon Jr., J.S Cline, Samantha E. Payne,
Shawn M. Klimek, Gabriella Balcom, Chitra Gopalakrishnan, Linda M. Crate, Galina Trefil, Hayley Arrington, Chandler Warren, Cindar Harrell, James Burt, T.K.Barber, Matthew M. Montelione, AR Johnston, Kelli Pizarro, Nerisha Kemraj, Jacek Wilkos, Raven Corinn Carluk, Brianna Witte, Rhiannon Bird, Rhonda Eikemp, Russell Hemmell, Trenna Ahlstrom, Amber M. Simpson, Radar DeBoard, Kevin J. Kennedy, Abigail Linhardt, Devon Widmer, Sandy Butchers, Jami Baumann, Lorah Jaiyn, Ann Christine Tabaka, Jacqueline E. Smith, Aditya Deshmukh, K.T. Tate, Sue Marie St. Lee, Kelly Matsuura, Sam M. Phillips, David Bowmore, David Higgins, Marcus Cook, Rebecca Jarrett, Kevin Freeman, Olivia Arieti, Archit Joshi, Stephen Herczeg, Dawn DeBraal, E. Jarzembski.


Title : Curses and Cauldrons

Publisher : Blood Song Books

Date of Publication : 31 August 2019

My story/s : Down the Rabbit Hole, The Keeper, Mark of the Witch, Undersea, Excalibur, Harm None, Red as Blood and Bad Girls

Blurb : Over 200 tiny dark tales of magic, mischief, murder, mayhem & madness… You do not want to get on the wrong side of these witches! Let us cast a spell on you… with just 100 words.


Title : Angels, Dark Drabbles #2 Anthology

Publisher : Black Hare Press

Date of Publication : 23 July 2019

My story: Lucifer and No Light, No Angels

Blurb: Beatific angels, holy wars, kitty saviours, epic battles between good and evil, devils and demons, fallen angels and many more tantalising tiny tales of blasphemy and piety. What miracles can one hundred debut to bestselling authors do with 100 words?More than three hundred 100-word drabbles from around the world.


Title : Fable

Publisher : Iron Faerie Publishing

Date of Publication : 5 July 2019

My story : Stealing Beauty

Blurb : It all began Once Upon A Time…
Only these aren’t the fairytales you grew up with.
Featuring 16 stories by 16 authors.
Stacey Jaine McIntosh | Zoey Xolton | Beth W. Patterson | Tristan Hurree | Stephanie Ellis | Andra Dill | Jill Hand | Christie-Lee Louis | Violette L. Meier | Aziza Sphinx | Isabella Hunter | Kerry Lee Holder | D.J Tyrer | Joanna Koch | Cindar Harrell | Shebat Legion


Title : Organic Ink Vol. 1

Publisher : Dragon Soul Press

Date of Publication : 30 June 2019

My poem/s : Petals & Darkness

Blurb : An anthology of fifty authors featuring various poetry.

Blurb : An anthology of fifty authors featuring various poetry.



Title : Spring’s Blessing

Publisher : Fantasia Divinity Magazine & Publishing

Date of Publication : 28 February 2019

My story : The Dawning of Spring

Blurb: Spring is a time for growth and rebirth. Beauty is everywhere as the world awakens and comes back to life. This anthology captures the essence of that beautiful time. Featuring 15 stories about fairies, spring goddesses, and much more!Including stories by: Claire Davon, Helen Mihajlovic, Vonnie Winslow Crist, Zoey Xolton, Eddie D. Moore, Amy Fontaine, Stacey Jaine McIntosh, David W. Landrum, Cindar Harrell, Chen F. Michaeli, Kate Coleman, Kevin Hopson, and KarissaMae Masters.

chasing magic

Title : Chasing Magic

Publisher : Amazon

Date of Publication : 3 May 2017

My story : Morrighan

Blurb : CWPH presents twenty-two Fantasy stories by international authors, both established and new to the trade. This collection features some of the familiar elements with a twist—from elves and unicorns to witches, talking trees, and dragons—mixed with reworkings of some classics from previously unexplored perspectives and new fantastical tales with their own distinct flavor. Delve into these extraordinary worlds and experience the magic, mayhem, mystery, and wonder of Chasing Magic. Authors: Laura Callender ~ Amanda Linsmeier ~ M.W. King ~ Amanda Luzzader ~ Liz Butcher ~ AJ Millen ~ Michael R. Baker ~ W.S. Moye ~ Jennifer Della’Zanna ~ Kathrin Hutson ~ Stacey Jaine McIntosh ~ Heather Holmes ~ Mary Lucille Hays ~ Kevin Grover ~ Jason Pere ~ Kelly Matsuura ~ Jeremy Gohier ~ Britt Haraway ~ Phoebe Darqueling ~ AE Stueve ~ E.R. Smo ~ CL Steele


Title : Lurking in the Shadows

Publisher : CHBB Publishing

Date of Publication : 20 June 2016

My story : Revenant

Blurb : Murderous entities, haunted houses, screaming banshees, and sympathetic necromancers are just a few of the chilling things you’ll encounter in this anthology. Follow our authors into the shadows … if you dare.
Stories featured in this anthology include the following:
“Release” by E.M. Fitch
“On Two Lane Roads” by Shelly Schulz
“Too Young to Kill” by Lily Luchesi
“An Empty Building” by Jacqueline E. Smith
“Living Nightmare” by Savannah Rohleder
“The House on Juniper Lane” by Jaidis Shaw
“Dorcha Scath” by Liz Butcher
“Scream for the Night” by Gina A. Watson
“Bump in the Night, Inc” by Melody Black
“Revenant” by Stacey Jaine McIntosh
“Lizzie” by Tania Hagan

Lurking in the Shadows has won the following awards:
2016 New Apple eBook Awards Short Story Fiction Medalist Winner
Finalist in the “Fiction: Anthologies” category of the 2017 International BookAwards


Title : The Best of Martinus Publishing 2013

Publisher : Martinus Publishing

Date of Publication : 28 November 2013

My story : Life or Death

Blurb : Featuring some of the best Science-Fiction & Fantasy stories released in 2013 by Martinus Publishing! Ranging from wild time-travel adventures, alien abductions, mad curses, epic quests, and even the ruminations of an aging dragon seeking death. Discover some of the most entertaining fiction released during 2013 in this exciting volume.