Withholding Nothing Cover Reveal

⭐️⭐️⭐️COVER REVEAL⭐️⭐️⭐️
Woot woot! Today’s Victoria Bright’s 27th birthday and her cover reveal!
Title: Withholding Nothing
Genre: Erotic romance
Release date: March 29, 2018
Photographer: Eric Battershell Photography
Models: Xavisus Gayden Ifbb Pro and Sarah Arevalo Gayden
Cover designer: Laura Hidalgo with Beyond DEF
Blurb: The girl code “Chicks before d*cks” should include that no friend can steal another friend’s boyfriend—or marry them.
When Ashton Carter’s “good idea at the time” revenge plan lands her in hot water, she never expected to see her ex again—especially in court. A few thousand dollars in damages later, she snags a job as a phone sex operator and seeks out a roommate to help fund her “stay out of jail” expenses. Having a roommate should’ve been helpful—except when they turn out to be the hot, yet douchebag mechanic working on her car.
When Ashton learns that her new roommate has been the sexy phone sex caller, lines begin to blur between real life and fantasy. It was supposed to be a no-strings-attached situation; neither of them were ready for love again. When a surprise visit from an ex shakes their forming foundation with an ultimatum, Ashton is forced to face the truth of her feelings and make a choice. With her budding relationship and livelihood at stake, Ashton has to untangle the lines of reality and fantasy in a last ditch effort to protect her heart.
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An Interview with Phoebe Darqueling

Recently, I was given the opportunity to join the team of interviewers at The Horror Tree.

I’ve had an absolute blast so far.

So, in case you haven’t seen it here is my first interview.


Day 3

Fewer words tonight than this time last night. And while I have story to write, I have no motivation.

Still considering the paranormal romance angle.

Words written so far tonight… 411

Overall wordcount… 3165

Day 2

So, the second day of NaNoWriMo got off to a slow start, but by ten o’clock I had written 1707 words and surpassed my quota, despite not catching up to the overall quota.

The story so far has quite a few holes, and the death tally is at one. Sorry Eirian, I’m sure you were a good kid, but I need some drama to push the story forward, and suffice to say it worked. And without your death, I never would have learned that Cassian had an older brother named Julian who died young, or just how uncaring Queen Beatrix really is.

Still not sure whether this story is contemporary romance or if it could have potential in another genre.

What can I say, I love writing fae, and I’m not convinced I couldn’t turn this story into a paranormal romance.

Overall tally…


Day 1

Day 1 of NaNoWriMo is off to a slow start. 735 words so far with less than three hours to go until the clock ticks over to Day 2.

I’ve got this.

As for the story, it’s still untitled. Contemporary Royal Romance complete with lots of drama.


So the last few months have been a wash with the nightmare that was moving, but we’re finally settled and I can now get back into writing and blogging without feeling pulled in a thousand different directions.

As for my writing, I’ve got two stories on the back burner awaiting submission and two more to write.

November is looming and with it comes NaNoWriMo. Something which I’m not ready for.

And I’ve also got another writing endeavour in the works which I’ll share more about in the coming weeks.

Tonight, however, I’m planning on taking my kids trick or treating and pigging out on way to much junk food. Assuming they share, that is.

A Complete Wash

So, July is over and my word count was quite pitiful to say the least. I’ve yet to update my tally. I started off strong, but by the halfway mark it was all downhill.

That was actually thanks to finding myself in the Emergency Room with chest pain, on top of a bad cold.

I spent several hours being poked and prodded only to find out I had Pneumonia, which I’m just now seeing the end of.

It definitely wasn’t how I saw my July ending up.

Turns out, that sometimes a cold is not just a cold.

Fingers crossed, August’s numbers fair better.