Story Prompt Sunday

story prompt

It’s Sunday again and with it comes the second installation of Story Prompt Sunday!

This week’s inspiration is space, as there’s been some activity with rocket launches recently.

I hope you enjoy it!

Today’s opening line…

The sky is dark and the stars a but a memory in our hearts.

And please, if you’re up for it, and it inspires you, share what you’ve written in the comments below!


Gargoyles and Grotesques

In the light of the fire that destroyed part of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, I spent the day following the story and try to figure out a way to reflect on it while at the same time not rehashing everything that had been shared through all the various news services.

And as I was trawling through Pinterest an idea came to me.

What better way than to take a look at one of the iconic symbols of the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Gargoyle and share a writing prompt.

Gargoyles are a popular choice of architectural design on churches because of the long held belief that they warded away evil spirits, and to divert rainwater.

The word “Gargoyle” originates from an old French word “Gargouille” meaning “throat” but it also describes the gurgling sound of water as it comes down the down pipe.

Technically architects call a waterspout on a building a gargoyle. If a stone carving does not carry water and has a face that resembles a creature, it is technically called a grotesque. And a strange beast which combines several different animals is called a chimera.

As I looked up, I caught sight of a gargoyle.

Happy writing everyone!

Story Prompt Sunday

It’s Sunday and I’m starting something new, while at the same time continuing something I attempted a while ago, with my opening lines post.

Welcome to Story Prompt Sunday!

As it’s a miserable and rainy day in Perth, I thought I’d share something relevant weather wise, while keeping to a paranormal (and witchy) theme.

I hope you enjoy it!

Today’s opening line…

The last time it rained, I met my familiar.

And please, if you’re up for it, and it inspires you, share what you’ve written in the comments below!

Opening Lines, Part 2

C13EDC35-82FF-4ACD-9A70-9F7BC20842B7.jpegEarlier this month I shared a story prompt with you all. I hope it gave some of you some inspiration to start something new, as it did for me.

I wasn’t planning on starting anything new but this is what happened when I sat down to write.

I knew that sound. Dragons. They were flying directly above, their wings beating rhythmically against the wind.
I looked up, the dragon itself was unrecognisable from my spot on the hill.
As it circled over head, I knew landing was imminent. 

It’s the beginning of Book 9, Ironheart, which centres around the daughter of Lancelot and Guinevere. Both of whom are dead at this point in the timeline.

I know, I know, for those of you who know anything of the Arthurian Legends, you’ll know that Lancelot and Guinevere never got their happily ever after. But they did have a long lasting affair. This is a play on that. I’m a big fan of what if’s in my novels.

I can’t give too much more away without spoiling it. Other than to say their daughter winds up at the residence of the Lady of the Lake and while there Vivienne being Vivienne meddles in things she has no right to meddle in. A girl’s future. Which brings a tonne of drama and old characters resurface etcetera. I’d been looking for a happily ever after for one of my minor characters, who until recently I thought was going to end up sad and alone, but I think he just might be the fix for Vivienne’s meddling ways.

We’ll see, it’s all subject to change at this point.



Opening Lines

1259E9FF-1114-4BAD-A415-096D07032B7E.jpegIn trying to decide what to write about today (and coming up empty) I decided to go easy on myself and switch things up, in the hopes that maybe, just maybe I might inspire some of you to leave a comment.

So, today’s post, while containing no words of wisdom, tips or personal anecdotes does contain a story starter.

Maybe it’ll inspire you to write and maybe it won’t, but if it does, then please feel free to share, the first few lines with me.

Here it is!

I knew that sound. Dragons.