Short Stories and Collections

Here you’ll find the listings of my short stories currently published.

Title : Lost

Publisher : Amazon USAmazon AU and Smashwords

Date of Publication : 28 February 2019

Blurb : Lost, a collection of short stories

Where will you go once you are lost?

Who will you seek?

What will you find, awaiting you in the shadows?

Enter… if you dare, into worlds where faeries, werewolves, vampires, gods, angels and demons collide?


morrighan cover 2Title : Morrighan

Publisher : Amazon US, Amazon AU and Smashwords

Date of Publication : 28 September 2018

Blurb : When Morgan was ten years old her father was murdered by Uther Pendragon and she vowed revenge. Now an adult and gifted with a very powerful ally in the form of the Morrighan, Morgan is able to enact her revenge. But it comes at a steep price: the knowledge of Arthur’s premature death. Can Morgan prevent the Goddess’s prediction from coming true or is Camelot destined to fall?