Away With the Faeries

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ve probably noticed one thing… well two things actually.

I write Paranormal Romance… and, I love faeries.

So, I combined both of those and now write A LOT of speculative fiction with faerie centric characters or themes.

My personal viewpoint on fey origin stories is that they’re gods or demi gods. I wouldn’t call them daemons as such only because from a Pagan standpoint the gods tend to take on various aspects. Therefore there’s both light and dark/benevolent and malevolent/winter and summer fey, and I don’t think that’s as clear cut either.

And right now, I have three 10,000+ word stories available in Limited Edition anthologies… which won’t be around forever.

Grab your copies now if you haven’t already!

fables and faeOf Fables and Fae $2.99


My story, STOLEN features within.

 Never make a deal with a faerie. You might find yourself bargaining your newborn daughter’s life as payment.

My father told me the story long before I could talk. I knew it by heart. Together, he and my brother had hunted and killed every last faerie they could find. All to save me from my fate.

For five hundred years the women in my family were taken as payment for a debt owed to the faerie lord. And paid with their lives. Humans weren’t designed to live in Faerie. We were too fragile.

But I’m not like those who have come before me. I’m strong, not weak. I will survive and one day, I will be free.

midsummer night shiftsThe next is, Midsummer Night Shifts $2.99


My story, IN MY BLOOD features within.

Twenty-one-year-old, Evie is one of the last Quinn female wolf shifters.

Born to mixed lineage and not quite fey nor quite wolf, Evie has grown up thinking herself more wolf than fey, while following pack orders. But all that’s about to change.

Summoned to Arcadia by the Queen of the Summer Court, Evie finds herself nothing more than a pawn to strengthen her cousin’s hold on the throne.

But both women are keeping secrets, however, only Evie’s catch up to her during the Solstice Ball which forces her to flee with two unlikely companions, Fianna and Cole.

Now back home, Evie attempts to capture her own happily ever after… but will she?


The last is, Falling For Shifters $2.99


My story, A RUEFUL EQUINOX features within.

Fox Donovan has never quite belonged in either the Winter Court or the Summer Court.

His marriage to wolf shifter, Violet Grayson leads to further complications. Especially now that there’s war on the horizon.

What will happen when family and court politics collide?


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