Throwback Thursday


To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to post today, so I thought I’d re share one of my older posts that seemed to resonate with readers the first time around in 2018 when I posted it in May. It’s called What Makes Paranormal Romance, Paranormal?

Maybe you’ve read it and maybe you haven’t.

It’s short and doesn’t quite go into all that much depth, but it’s going to kick off next Thursday’s blog post, and I needed a reminder as to why I love writing today, because one of my WIPs is being oddly difficult.

And who knows… maybe it’s spark something within you guys as well.

Fingers crossed.


The Memory of Trees

Today was not a good day. It hasn’t been for the last eleven years. Truth is, I don’t think it’s ever going to be a good day. It’s forever going to be a day tinged with sadness and regret.

Regret for all the things I didn’t say and regret for all things I did say but didn’t mean.

Looking back is hard. Mistakes are painful.

Death is mind numbing. And back then at 24, despite the countless number of funerals I’d already attended it was this one that blew me off my feet.

Nothing prepares you for losing a parent. My mum. She was 58. I thought she’d see seventy at least.

Enya was her favourite. It was played at her funeral. So, I find myself reminiscing and trying to listen to the song without crying. It’s not easy.

One day though.