Throwback Thursday


To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to post today, so I thought I’d re share one of my older posts that seemed to resonate with readers the first time around in 2018 when I posted it in May. It’s called What Makes Paranormal Romance, Paranormal?

Maybe you’ve read it and maybe you haven’t.

It’s short and doesn’t quite go into all that much depth, but it’s going to kick off next Thursday’s blog post, and I needed a reminder as to why I love writing today, because one of my WIPs is being oddly difficult.

And who knows… maybe it’s spark something within you guys as well.

Fingers crossed.


5 Words to Delete From Your Writing

try it tuesday

Here are five words you can delete from your own writing to make it flow better.

1. That

This is the first thing that writers can get rid of. Occasionally you may need to include a that in your sentence and other times you may not. The trick is that when you delete a that, to re-read the sentence to see if it still makes sense after the word that is taken out. If it does, you didn’t need it. If it doesn’t, you needed it.

2. Anything ending in -ly

You can rid yourself of almost any adverb in your writing because they weaken your prose significantly. And more so when they are overused it can pull the reader out of the story and you don’t want that. Instead find other ways to say what you need to.

3. Just

I tend to remove “just” everywhere except in dialogue. Sometimes its needed or simple how the character I’m writing speaks.

4. Really

The word “really” is another way to increase the value of a word without really adding anything. It really is best to avoid its use if you can.

5. Very

A useless modifier. You should be able to find a stronger way to convey what you need to without reverting to something like: The thunder was very loud. Instead try: The deafening thunder. It also rids your work of passive voice.

Go ahead! Try it for yourself.