Absinthe is LIVE!

My debut solo collection of poetry, ABSINTHE, is available now!

Hailed as a tasteful, cohesive, powerfully feminine and deeply felt collection of poems! It’s sure not to disappoint.

She was bathed in moonlight.

Naked and alone.

Owls and ravens perched in the trees above.

Hidden in mystery and keepers of secrets almost as old as time itself.

Wings fluttered; her eyes locked with his.

A glint of silver – a dagger perhaps.

Shimmered against the black alabaster sky.

He was hers and she his.

But a target was on both their backs and only one would leave this grassy knoll.

She was bathed in moonlight.

Available to purchase HERE!


Pre-order Your Copy of Lost TODAY!

Lost paperback.jpg

Lost, my collection of short stories is available to pre-order digitally across select retailers HERE. They’ll continue to roll out, culminating with the release of the Amazon kindle and paperback versions, available on the 28th.

The collection brings together all my previously published short stories in one volume, and includes a few new, never before seen stories as well.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

For those of you who would like a taste of the stories within, here is an excerpt from the story, Owl Eyes.

The owl screeched again. The sense of urgency drew Lleu’s eyes back to the sky. There above, a trail of white flowers blossomed before stopping short.

His breath hitched as the bird fell from the sky and landed at his feet. A small cry escaped from his lips. Looking down upon the tiny mass of white feathers, he saw an even tinier heart-shaped crimson stain spring from the bird’s chest.

The owl – Blodeuwedd – was dead.

The crimson stain had barely begun to dry upon the bird’s downy feathers when the creature transformed back into the shapely form of a woman.

Llew sighed and bent to caress the soft – though now cold – cheek of his once beloved and cherished wife.

“Blodeuwedd,” he whispered.