Follow Friday

In an effort to get more eyes on my social media, I’ve decided to participate in a #followfriday!

But I’m putting a twist on mine.

Any authors, editors, book lovers who see this are welcome to join in.

As I’ve been primarily focused on the paranormal/speculative fiction part of my Paranormal Romance brand as an author, I’d like to focus on the Romance part for a change… So, if you’re a Romance writer, author, reader, editor or cover designer. Let’s connect and help each other grow!

And please follow my blog, leave a comment and I’ll follow yours right back. ❤️


Down the Rabbit Hole… Part 2

883F3C8F-C282-4D91-AD89-61FDC2F975A0Two and a half months ago, news broke about author Faleena Hopkins filing to trademark the word Cocky.

It angered the indie author community at large and many people spoke out, petitions were sent out and court dates were set.

And still Faleena defended her right to protect her stories… well finally it has come to an end. The trademark on the word Cocky is no more. Authors everywhere are rejoicing.

Now, that doesn’t mean we are entirely out of the woods yet, as I’ve seen other authors attempt to trademark other words and phrases.

I guess it’ll pay to be vigilant. But for now, it’s a win.

And if you missed it, here’s the latest video from Faleena surrendering her trademark… Click Here to Watch