I am Morgan le Fay


I’ve been busy working on expanding a short story that I’m hoping to offer up to the public in the coming weeks…

I’m thinking of releasing it as a series of three short stories – 6,000 words each – totalling 18,000 words… for 0.99c each.

The stories are my take on the Arthurian Myths, complete with new twists and all feed into my forthcoming Eldritch novels.

I’m looking forward to sharing them with you all and it’s because of that very reason, I’m gifting you a sneak peak…

Here it is!


I am Morgan le Fay – revenge was the very last thing bequeathed to me.
My name was such that it would be written on the wind for centuries to come. A litany that would beat madly in the hearts of all those who’d wronged me.
Morgan le Fay… Morgan le Fay… Morgan le Fay.
Death would not come soon enough.
Once, I’d had a father who loved me as much as I loved him.
And they killed him.
The fair folk.
All for the want of a woman. A woman whose name was Igraine. The Queen of Camelot.
My mother was beautiful. Her fair hair shone like spun gold, and when she let it fall loose it fell almost down to the floor. Plaited, the long braid came to her waist.
I envied those long golden locks as a child, even when they turned snow white with age, I envied them. Anything would have been better than to be cursed with dark unruly curls as I was.
Nobody ever told me I was pretty, only common. How I wished I’d get to receive the type of looks of adoration my mother received. First from my father and then from Uther. I’d spent many a sleepless night as a child dreaming of the day I’d have a love as great as my mother had, had. It wasn’t until he showed up in my life, that I knew I was adored, simply for being me. Little did I know that his adoration would come at a price.



What Makes Paranormal Romance, Paranormal?


What makes Paranormal Romance, Paranormal?

Well, there’s no real hard and fast rule, so to speak, but there are a few elements that should be included.

Magic. Paranormal Romances, by nature, blend the real with the mysterious. It’s for this reason, and this reason alone that I love both writing Paranormal Romance and reading it.

In fact, I once began a story with the definition of magic, because it seemed to capture the essence of the story. So, what is the definition of magic? The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines magic as the power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.

Now, not all Paranormal Romance stories has magic. In fact, Paranormal Romance can be defined as a sub-genre of both romantic fiction and speculative fiction. Paranormal Romance blends romance together with themes from speculative fiction genres such as fantasy, science fiction and horror.

As a writer of Paranormal Romance, I often find myself looking for some ‘thing’ that hasn’t been done to death. Of course, I write about Faeries and Werewolves, which has been done to death, sadly. However, I have put my own spin on things.

Immersing my own characters into a world inhabited by supernatural creatures, such as faeries and wolves. There’s the odd vampire thrown in but that’s purely because I wanted to round things out a little.

I’ve been enamored by faeries since I started delving into Celtic Mythology. I fell in love with Welsh myth, soon after diving further into my family tree and I wanted to bring the Arthurian Legends into modern times. As well as untangle Morgan le Faye from the web that had been spun, linking her to both The Morrighan and Queen Mab. So, over time I set about creating three very different characters. It wasn’t easy. But with time, I accomplished it, and I believe, I’ve done a good job in capturing the very essence of these characters. Characters, which I will share with you, in more depth, in a later post.

For now though, I’ve leave you with one question? What is your favourite supernatural creature? My favourite are faeries.