WIP Wednesday

wip wednesday

It’s time to SHARE what you’re working on!

The rules are pretty simple, if you want to play along.

Just share up to 500 words in the comments from something you’ve been working on.

This is taken from something new I’m working on.


The ladies of the house were versed in all the fine arts. Music, dance, flower arranging and necromancy. Nowadays there wasn’t much call for raising the dead, but once my grandmother said, it was a perfectly acceptable line of work.

I’d never had reason to want to bring someone back from the dead until now.

Except that, wiser heads in my family forbade it. Too much could go wrong.

As I sat on the floor, at the center of a circle of salt with four candles burning at each of the four directions and began to chant, my black cat, Raven, darted into the room disrupting the circle of salt and setting back my spell work.


It’s not much… but its a project I’m very excited about.



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