Story Prompt Sunday

story prompt

Another Sunday has rolled around again and with it comes another installation of Story Prompt Sunday!

I hope you enjoy today’s opening line…

The lady fawned over the child with amethyst eyes.

And please, if you’re up for it, and it inspires you, share what you’ve written in the comments below!


5 thoughts on “Story Prompt Sunday

  1. I found your blog this afternoon. I’m from Ireland myself. I reside in America now. I’m not educated like some writers out there. I like this story starter and will use it soon. I plan on following this blog with an eager heart and mind. Please check out our blogs too. Happy and blessed writing…

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      1. Followed. 🙂 Yeah, um, I’m not Christian… don’t hold it against me. I tend to write characters who are Catholic because Catholicism intrigues me ritualistically in the sense that the Catholic saints were once Pagan gods…


      2. Yes, I do agree with you there. Being Catholic is by choice. My birth family was Catholic. They used the church to abuse us in more ways than one. Now we’re in America we are happy loved and have a family chosen by us. We also use our life experiences in our stories


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