Story Prompt Sunday

story prompt

It’s Sunday again and with it comes the second installation of Story Prompt Sunday!

This week’s inspiration is space, as there’s been some activity with rocket launches recently.

I hope you enjoy it!

Today’s opening line…

The sky is dark and the stars a but a memory in our hearts.

And please, if you’re up for it, and it inspires you, share what you’ve written in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Story Prompt Sunday

  1. This is how my first fiction began… Didn’t get to write today so sharing my favourite one. It’s from the series The Last First Night.

    Breathing is a beautiful rhythm that sings the tune of life and that is all she could hear at this hour of the night. It was half-past two and her thought clung to the breathing sound of a lifeless life lying beside her; knowing not what to do next.

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