Pre-Order Once Today

Iron Faerie Publishing‘s Once anthology is the first of its kind. A microfiction anthology featuring ten hand picked authors. Of which I am one and I’m super excited for all the authors involved. I think this little anthology is going to be epic!

This is Once Upon a Time… with a twist!
What happens when you combine fairy tale Princesses and Speculative Fiction?
You get a great many stories of wonder and intrigue with a dash of magic and scifi thrown in for good measure.
Because everything is better with Princesses!

Featuring microfiction by:

Andra Dill
Andrea L. Staum
Beth W. Patterson
Chris Bannor
Cindar Harrell
Georgina Stancer
McKenzie Richardson
Rowanne S. Carberry
Stacey Jaine McIntosh
Zoey Xolton

It is available exclusively on KU and available on for $1.49… right here!

Preorder your copy today! And have it when it releases on the 15th July 2020!