Day #19 to #25

sword girlI’m closing in on the finish line. I’m not sure how I feel about my story and that’s okay because the way I figure it I have all of the coming year to make it shine.

As of the end of DAY 25 I have 41,005 words and no one else has had to die. Which is nice because I don’t relish killing off my characters even if they do deserve it as Tanaquill and Madrigal did.

Dyson is heart broken but it’s a small price to pay to see those two get what they deserve.

So, here’s to the last remaining days of NaNoWriMo. I hope it’s as productive for you as its been for me.


Day #16, #17 & #18

And we’re past the half way point. Finally! November honestly feels like it’s dragging to me. Anyone else?

It’s weird.

But maybe it’s just me, given the struggle for words is real!

Anyhow… where am I in this marathon that is NaNoWriMo? Well… I’m catching up again.


As of midnight on DAY 18 I’m sitting on 29,006!

Arianell is proving to be something of a challenge. I thought her a girl of about twelve at least in comparison to a human twelve year olds but by her speech and mannerisms alone she definitely older.

She doesn’t like labels much either. At least not when Riordan tries to reaffirm her position in the family as his younger sister. Now that she’s Queen she’s gotten snarky.

Day #1

Well it’s DAY 1 of NaNoWriMo… and it’s going well and my daily target has been met. I’m considering hitting research mode in a little bit because I went into this story knowing virtually nothing but the basic plot and names of the main characters.

Saoirse and Riordan… in case you’re wondering.

In typical me fashion… there’s faeries involved, but it’s totally cut off from anything I’ve written to date. New world and a whole new cast of characters. New slants on faerie courts as well… to a degree. I’m… still figuring it all out, suffice to say scenes are unfolding disjointedly in my head faster than I can type. Which is always fun.

For now though, I’m leaving you with the opening line… which isn’t the greatest, but it’s words on paper and that’s all I’m concerning myself with for now. It’s November after all. My rough draft is rough.

I awoke, drowsy and sluggish, on a plane, one hundred thousand feet in the air with no idea how I had gotten to be on the plane or where I was headed.


Yeah me too.

Happy first day of NaNoWriMo for those of you who have started… and good luck to those of you who are yet to start.

For those of you who may be keen to follow my progress over the next month, I’m going to try and update this blog once a day.