Motivation Monday

New Monday = New Week!

Monday’s are for fresh starts! Who is with me?

Not to mention all the new goals and new plans waiting to be unveiled.

I’m not the biggest fan of Monday’s to be honest but I’m looking to change that. And I thought what better way than to bring you guys along for the ride with me and maybe see some positive changes in your lives as well.

So, how can you fall in love with Monday’s?

1. Make Friday Productive.

Have a slower start to the working week by preparing the best you can on Friday. Put in a lot of work on Friday. So you don’t have that much on your to do list for the new week. Get the most difficult tasks done on Friday so that Monday doesn’t have to be crazy and full of stress.

2. Create a Monday Ritual.

To start loving Mondays find a habit, a treat, or a ritual – something that you really love and look forward to and make it happen.

3. Stop derailing yourself on the weekends.

Most of us love to sleep in on the weekends but it isn’t always practical. You’ll find yourself getting exhausted fast. To avoid that keep your weekend sleep schedule similar to your weekday schedule and you’ll soon find yourself ready to take on Monday.

4. Change your mindset.

Stop telling yourself that Monday’s suck. The truth is they don’t. It’s just that for some of us the weekend never lasts long enough. Instead think of Monday’s as a fresh start. A new chance to go after things that matter most to you.

I hope this gives you a much needed boost to take back Monday and mould it into something you can learn to love.


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