This earnt a reblog, because it’s so so true. And because I think I fall somewhere between blogger number 4 and blogger number 2. But, I’m working on it.

Ragazza Triste

In my two years of blogging, with more than 800 followers, thousands of likes, hundreds of comments, I have encountered hundreds of different, talented and amazing writers along the way. I am blessed and will be forever thankful to be a part of this community. WordPress gave me a chance to be different and to embrace my weirdness.

Through the years, I’ve met a variety of bloggers, and I decided to share it with you.

Here it goes.

1. THE PASSIONATE BLOGGERS– I’d like to think that I am one of these people. They are in love with WordPress, they are driven and motivated to read, post and interact with the community. They post according to a coherent schedule, they make sure that their page is designed to attract readers and followers. They also motivate and impel current and new bloggers to do better as their page grows.


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8 thoughts on “THE 5 TYPES OF BLOGGERS

      1. I’m doing okay. Trying to keep up with a self imposed schedule I set for myself on my blog is harder some days than others. But I’m enjoying the ride. Which is all that matters. How are you?


      2. Yes. I can relate. It;s not easy to come up with something to post, like I am struggling to post everyday, but so far, this is fun. I am glad I could connect and talk to people like you. 🙂


      3. It is fun. I’m posting roughly every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. I had only planned on posting once a week. But it kind of got addicting.


      4. Wow. Good for you. I post every two days, and it;s going great. I am happy and overwhelmed with the support and encouragement coming form the community.


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