Well I had planned to post once a month but that went out the window the moment my laptop died on the 1st of March. I’m hoping to replace it before June rolls around, and if not by then before November. Because there is no way I’m participating in NaNoWriMo while having to write on my phone.

As to my #365challenge stats, I wrote 10,299 words in March and February netted me 10,026. So far In April I have written 5,079. I’m aiming for 14,000 so we will see. If I succeed though by the end of April I will have written 50k. Halfway towards my goal.

As for right now, I’m participating in a 5k walk/run/write challenge run by the #10minutenovelist group on Facebook. The walking part is easy, it’s the writing that’s proving difficult. Hence this blog and a thousand other things that I wouldn’t normally write are happening. LOL. Anything to get the words.

I’ll let you know how I did by the end of the weekend. Fingers crossed.



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