All Things Valentine’s

January ended on a positive note and netted me an impressive 15,500 words. I had thought that February would be just as impressive, but sadly by Day #2 I was having to rethink my own personal goals and expectations.

I’ve set myself a small one this month. Just 8,000 words. Sounds easy enough right? Wrong. I started off strong on Day #1 but from there things have been slow going. I’m currently 644 words behind target. And it sucks, big time. But life and the weather (surprisingly) have gotten in the way. Perth sweltered through it’s longest heatwave since 1930 last week. Reaching temperatures of over 40 degrees Celcius.

As for yesterday, being Valentine’s Day, the husband and I didn’t celebrate. After almost sixteen years together it’s become just another excuse for presents and when you’ve been together as long as we have present shopping can be tricky.

I did however decide on a whim I wanted to dye my hair copper. It’s currently lightened to a not so appealing caramel colour, but once I’ve dyed over the top of it, it shouldn’t be so bad.



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