Author Interview with Stacey Mcintosh

And my Author Interview has made it up on my good friend Nicky’s blog… yay! 🙂

Author Nicole L Daffurn

Today I’m bringing you an author interview from the lovely Stacey Jayne McIntosh. Stacey is a close friend of mine, and a fantastic author. I have been a pretty slack friend though considering this is the first Author Interview I have done for her! But better late than never right?

Let’s get into it!


Stacey Jaine McIntosh was born in Perth, Western Australia. She has a Diploma in Spatial Services and once toyed with being a Cartographer.
At thirty-one, her first love has always been writing and she now has six short stories: “Freya”, “Blood Sacrifice”, “Fallen Angel”, “Life or Death”, “Exiles of Eden” and “Morrighan” published in various anthologies, as well as  having self published one novel, “Solstice” in 2013, along with two earlier novels that are available for free on
Stacey still resides in her home town of Perth, Western Australia, with her husband and four children…

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