All Things Cosplay, including Book Week

No, I’m not going to a convention but it is Book Week at my kids school. So the husband and I were hashing out last minute costume changes and got onto the subject of all things… Joss Whedon. Yes we’re are fans, fanatics to the point that each one of our children bears the name of a major or minor character featured in the Buffy/Angel universe.

Alexander “Xander”… is after the character Alexander LaVelle Harris

Lilia “Lily”… is after the blonde girl Anne who is actually known by many names, including Chonterelle and Lily)

Caleb… is after the priest in Season 7, named Caleb

Quinn… is not named after a character but an actor. Glenn Quinn played Allen Francis Doyle in Angel Season 1.

And it turned into a what if scenario. What if Mal was a girl. What would her name be? This is what we came up with:

Captain Malcolm Reynolds – Malissa

Jayne – Jamie

Zoe – Zachary

Simon – Simone

Kaylee – Kale

Sheppard Book – First idea was Paige, second was Story and third well it’s still in the works

While it’s not a complete list it is one that’s still in the works. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them. 😀



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