Characters and their Names

You know, their kind of important. Apparently werewolves become tricky to name the more stories you write. As this story may eventually tie into my Zooey ‘verse it’s probably better to play it safe and not reuse character names. Lest I have another Zachary/Zackery/Zack situation on my hands. What can I say, I like the name Zac.

So with that out of the way. I’m going with Adrian. Maybe Taylor.

Suffice to say, there will not be a sequel in Rose’s future. Well, there better not be. I’m not sure yet, but she may have a sister.


2 thoughts on “Characters and their Names

  1. Would it be rude of me to correct the author on their use of ‘their’ which should be ‘they’re’? (I bet you were typing too fast or distracted by one of the kidlets when you wrote this – I do it all the time)


  2. Would it be rude? Well kinda. Nah I actually typed this blog post from my iPhone, which says a lot. Small screen and all. So yeah, blaming the kids, probably the safest bet.


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