The Thing About Vampires

So, Vampires in fiction. It seems they are either loved to bits or hated with some kind of fiery passion better left alone.

For me though. Well I fell in love with Anne Rice in High School. Claudia’s story was just sad and I found myself relating to Jesse a little too much. All in all there’s a reason most of her books line almost an entire shelf in my bookcase. Joss Whedon is another that springs to mind who kept to the true Vampire mythology. Sure, Spike got around in the daytime but not without smoke or the occasional lit himself on fire moment.

I don’t personally write Vampires. They show up infrequently in my writing. And there’s a reason. It’s just too impractical to not get around during the day. Sure you could go the House of Night Series route and hold classes at night, have none of the characters swear and get your books banned in high schools across America. I shouldn’t poke fun. I am a fan of PC Cast, I just think she shouldn’t of collaborated with her daughter.

So it begs the question: How do you get around the sunlight will burn you dilemma? Well perhaps you don’t, you definitely shouldn’t have them sparkle. And Angel blood is a rather curious idea but all in all I think Vampires need to just stay in the shadows. Otherwise there is no mystery. They are just another bunch of long lived humanoids with annoying personality traits. And let’s face it, the fey have that covered.


2 thoughts on “The Thing About Vampires

  1. In my first attempt at writing vampires I created a story that involved the age of the vampire. The older a vampire lived on earth the stronger he or she became. I won’t go into all the awesome, or boring depending on how you look at it, details, but once a vampire reached the age of 950 they could stay out in daylight without harm.


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