My Post Just Disappeared

Okay, so I wrote a somewhat epic post, citing all my lovely and shiny new followers then it disappeared into the equivalent of an internet black hole. Yeah, I took Geology in High School. I quit before I failed that too, along with English and Geography. If only my Dad would have let me take Drama instead. Maybe then I would have failed with flair. Meh, girl can dream.

So on that note, I have 31 followers, all of which I’m stalking,.. er, I mean following. So don’t go anywhere. If you do, I’ll hunt you down. Maybe throw a drop bear on you. Don’t know what a drop bear is? Well, don’t go anywhere and you don’t have to find out. ๐Ÿ˜€


15 thoughts on “My Post Just Disappeared

      1. They so are!!! Seen the legs on those things? Haven’t you heard? Australia is the land of animals that will fuck you up! Oh and we eat our National Emblem.

        Seeing your Alpaca and raising you a… Dingo. Sorry Azaria. *sniff*


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