So, I, like any other writer know how hard it can be to take criticism, especially when it comes to your own writing.

Recently I participated in a writing shoot out, in which the stories I wrote were not well received by some and I got a thoroughly mixed bag of scores. I’d been prepared for it though, having participated previously.

But to later be told by a fellow participant that they had the “displeasure of reading my work” was something that I found in bad taste and didn’t sit well with me at all.

Admittedly, I saw red, and I wanted to lash out. Only I didn’t. Not exactly. The first words out of my mouth were not expletives. It could have so easy been.

What I realized however was simple: This person did not know me. And in not knowing me he couldn’t judge me, or my writing, to the full extent. Telling me if I cannot fully commit to a deadline because of personal constraints, is, in a word, stupid. It was supposed to be fun, and it was up until that point.

However bad my writing may be, I’m aware of it, but at the same time, I must have some potential to have been published 6 times by three different anthologies.

I have something and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let the spark go out.


10 thoughts on “Criticism

  1. Don’t give up. There is a wide range of tastes when it comes to writing and reading of said writing. This is why there are so many books published in the world – and I can’t say I like all of them – in fact, I can’t say anyone can. Perhaps your writing isn’t to his taste, but I am sure your writing is suitable to the tastes of others – they just need to find you. It’s not your blockages/barriers that determine who you are – it’s how you choose to deal with them.


  2. Some people have to put others down to make themselves look better. The further down you are the higher they free. And with the person you are talking about, they have had a meaningless career and have no choice but to use others to raise themselves up.


    1. That’s exactly what he was doing, I believe. As the lowest scoring person in the competition, and he one of the top, he wanted to hurt and humiliate me further. I like sharing my work, but things like this make me wonder why I bother.


      1. You can’t let jerks get to you. The world is full of them and as soon as you get rid of one, another one will come into your life. But pay no attention to them, rather focus on the ones who brighten your life and inspire you to keep doing what you love.


      2. I’m more or less over it. If Karma doesn’t get him then I’ll make damn sure Morrighan does. Cause hey, what good is having a Goddess in your corner if you don’t seek her aid?


      3. Yep. I’m not totally for bitch Goddess smack down but sometimes it pays to have such a vengeful Goddess in your back pocket. I have to admit, I still get creeped out every now and again when ravens just show up seemingly out of thin air and watch me. According to some they’re not very common in my particular suburb.


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