The Last Six Months…

So… it’s been a busy six months, at least it has in terms of actual writing. I don’t quite know what else happened in my life during those 6 months. LOL. Oh wait… we did go to Queensland for a week around Easter.

But on the writing side of things Dandelions is sitting at just over 61,000 words. Sovereign is somewhere around 25,000 and Even Angels Fall is at 48,000. It’s sequel The Rising Dark is maybe 20,000 words in.

I have a sackful of short stories written and three more will be written in the next six weeks. I am contemplating throwing out a few for publication, but my main priority is getting my novels finished and sent off to my darling beta readers. I think it’s appropriate that there’s only two of them at this stage because I’m not sure when Dandelions will be finished.

I have a few swag items in the works too currently and I know what I’m writing for NaNoWriMo… which is a big thing for me… I even have the title all worked out. But that and the cover are under wraps for now.


The Eldritch Series

So, The Winter Princess and Queen-in-Waiting are back up on Smashwords. Still free and will remain so, until I can find beta readers to nit pick and then start on draft #2. The third book, Sovereign is still being written, and at this stage, I do not know whether or not it will be complete come the 24th of July deadline. I apologize in advance, but this is one novel that’s proving a little tricky to write. I know the beginning and the ending but the middle is just not coming together as I would like.

The Zooey Novels

Just updated the BOOKS section to include the blurb for Sovereign which is the third book in The Eldritch Series. And, if people don’t care too much about the following:

  1. They are first drafts
  2. I edited them myself
  3. They are currently available for free

I’ll put them back up on

I have made one decision regarding these novels though, I’m going to hand them off to a few beta readers and see what comes of it. I know one thing, every time I sit down to edit The Winter Princess I find things deviating just a little too much.