Warriors Wanted! Blitz

I announced over Facebook that I would be trying my luck participating in Harlequin’s Warriors Wanted Blitz on the 26th May. The goal was to write a 3-5k first chapter, and a synopsis.

After a false start, I finalized my second synopsis and was able to start writing the first chapter of my medieval romance novel on the 4th June.

I finished the chapter at 3,200 words before editing it and rounding it out to 3,800 words.

To say I’m nervous is an understatement.

warriors wanted blitz

I submitted the chapter, synopsis and cover letter late on 11th June.

But what inspired this decision? Well… to say it was a gentle nudge from a friend might be an understatement… but that’s how it came about. It helped that the information was shared via the Harlequin Writing Community on Facebook as well.

From what I’ve learned, they do these kinds of Blitz’ every so often as a way to lure fresh talent to their Harlequin Historical imprint. This time it was Viking, Medieval and Highlander warrior romance, but who knows what could be next.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but even if I don’t get asked to write a full manuscript, the editorial feedback will be invaluable and something I definitely couldn’t pass up.



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