Wrapping Up April

I challenged myself this month.

First with Camp NaNoWrimo by trying to write 25,000 words throughout the month. I failed. Sadly. Although I did manage to put my fingers to the keyboard and write something each day, so that’s a win in a small way.

Second, was a photo challenge over on my instagram page. I succeeded in that I managed to make 30 posts, one a day relevant to the daily prompt and posting with the aid of the #campnanocampout hashtag. It wasn’t always easy to find relevant images but I persevered.

Third, was a personal one, mostly. Job hunting is hard. And it hit me that I’ve been viewing my writing like more of a hobby than a business, and I really want it to be a business. I want not only to share my writing with others, but I want to earn money from writing. When I was asked as a teen what I wanted to do as a career it was either work in some capacity with horses (I had my heart set on the police force, as I was too tall to be a jockey… but both my physical abilities and my maths skills let me down) or be a writer. And as I can make one of those happen, I’m going for it. I’ll try not to bombard everyone with blog posts and emails and such, but it would mean a great deal to me if you would join my newsletter. You can sign up here: Click Me to Sign Up!



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