Day 2

So, the second day of NaNoWriMo got off to a slow start, but by ten o’clock I had written 1707 words and surpassed my quota, despite not catching up to the overall quota.

The story so far has quite a few holes, and the death tally is at one. Sorry Eirian, I’m sure you were a good kid, but I need some drama to push the story forward, and suffice to say it worked. And without your death, I never would have learned that Cassian had an older brother named Julian who died young, or just how uncaring Queen Beatrix really is.

Still not sure whether this story is contemporary romance or if it could have potential in another genre.

What can I say, I love writing fae, and I’m not convinced I couldn’t turn this story into a paranormal romance.

Overall tally…



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