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Faerie queens! Once nameless, but now known through time by many names.

Titania. Mab. Gloriana. Tanaquill. Oona. Elphame. Maeve. Rhiannon. Fand. The list seems endless.

Are they good or bad, big or small, fair or dark? And why do they enchant us? Faerie Queens have appeared in folklore throughout the English-speaking world, as far back as the mid-1500s. Although faeries themselves are said to be found worldwide.


I’ve long been fascinated by faeries and my love affair them, began with Queen Mab in the 1998 tele-miniseries Merlin. I liked the way she refused to be forgotten and the way her story wove into the lives of  Arthur’s and Morgan’s. It made me want to delve deeper. It was the beginning of my discovery of a whole other path. It opened my eyes to Paganism as well as kindled my desire to learn more about my own Welsh ancestry. It gave…

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