Faerie Queens

So, I was enlightened today. Told by another writer that there wouldn’t be a former faerie queen. Because faeries don’t die. I thought to myself that while true, faeries do tend to live forever, it is possible for them to die. Iron is poisonous to them. It’s possible. And thus the timeline of events that unravel in my series are possible.

Queen Mab can give up her throne in order to lure her wayward daughter Annan back to court. She, however gets bit by a werewolf and is presumed dead, paving the way for Annan’s half human daughter Zooey to take the throne. Several years pass and Mab grows restless, and demands her throne back and when Zooey doesn’t relinquish it, war ensues.

That’s where I’m at. In the midst of a faerie war my characters brought about. On a whim. While I sit back and make sense of the scenes and conversations unraveling in my head.

I have, I realise, thought this through. And if there can be three faerie queens in the Dresden files, what I am doing can’t be so wrong.

There are no original ideas after all. Everything is borrowed from somewhere. I just make sure not to read about other author’s faeries while writing about my own.


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