29 Days…

Okay, so in my bid to get organized for NaNoWriMo, I’ve decided you’ll be heaving from me each and every day during the month of November. I know, you’re already sick of me aren’t you? Well, tough. 😀

Okay so, for those of you who don’t know my NaNoWriMo adventure began in 2005. I was 22 and seven months pregnant with my first son. I wrote 50k on a novel I called Red Rose Castle. And subsequently every NaNo novel since has had Rose imbedded somewhere within.

So this year, I thought I had the perfect title, but it’s no longer fitting, even though I love the cover art, I threw together. The problem with not knowing what your going to write about is that you can’t really slap on a title until you figure it out.

And so far, all I have is the genre. Paranormal Romance. I’m toying with a few very vague ideas right now. I have a few characters that are dying for attention. I guess we’ll see soon enough.


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